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How many times have you promised yourself....
"One of these days I'm going to go into business for myself. Yep. No more making other people rich. It was about time I was in control of my time, money and life! Yeah, I want to really make a go of it!"

But then it hit you. What business? Perhaps you feel that you don't have enough experience, or lack of ideas to market. So what do you do? You give that idea a big miss especially after talking to a few friends and relatives who turn you off. And you go back to doing whatever you were doing before this bolt of inspiration hit you; never to experience the thrill and delight of being in charge of your destiny, let alone knowing what it's like to be FINANCIALLY FREE!!!

The more you procrastinate, the more your passion and enthusiasm dies. After years of indecision, you give up on the idea of working for yourself, FOREVER. You retire, having lived in mediocrity, and regret not pursuing your dreams, for the rest of your life.

"Why didn't I do something, ANYTHING years ago when I was younger. I could have been something MORE. What a waste of my life."
Is this what you want to happen to you in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 years time?

Does this sound like someone we all know? Well my friend, I've just covered about 80% of the population. But you don't have to be like everyone else. 

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You don't have to be like Uncle Charlie (We all know one) who had all these great ideas and schemes years ago, but did nothing with them only to end up frustrated and disappointed, and living in a retirement village, FLAT BROKE!!

"But what can I do, I have no skills in business? And even if I was to go into business, WHICH BUSINESS? It's all too hard, I'm confused!" 

Reprint Rights


It is the Direct Marketing/Mail Order/Publishing business. The "Mother of all Mail Orders" is here to rocket you into your own dreams of having your own business. This is the "ULTIMATE" Mail-Order/Instant Publisher business of all time. This CD-ROM contains reprint rights to over 4,700 products in over 35 categories you can reprint, resell and keep all the profits. 

But it gets better!! Reprints Galore contains much more than just reprint rights. This CD-ROM is better known as the "Business in a Pocket". There is nothing like it! Included inside this CD-ROM is:

  1. Business Start-Up Guide: A Complete Guide to Setting Up your own Business. Information is also included on setting up an On-Line Business.
  2. Distributor Process Guide: This Guide gives you Step-by-Step Instructions on how to be a successful Reprints Galore Distributor. 
  3. Distributor's Web-Site: A Web-Site similar to the one you're reading, with complete directions on how to transfer it to your floppy drive or hard drive, upload it, and park it free for life.
  4. The Best Magazines: These magazines are specifically geared toward targeting "Opportunity Seekers"
  5. Sample Ad's: These ad's are already Created for you. All you have to do is add your contact information.
  6. Sales Letter: A Sales Letter designed just for you to sell Reprints Galore. All you have to do is print it out, stamp it or pen in your contact info, and send it to inquirers!
  7. Thank You Letter:  Just sign it and send it after someone purchases Reprints Galore.
  8. A Flyer: This flyer is custom made to assist you in acquiring even more leads to sell Reprints Galore! Just print it out and Post it all over town with YOUR COMPANY CONTACT INFORMATION!! 
As you can see, I have taken all the headache out of becoming a Distributor and operating a business. After you buy just one copy of this CD, you can put your offer in front of over 5,000,000 Opportunity Seekers within one month and start filling orders! You even sell them the reprint rights! Could you imagine how many orders that would bring you with a product like this? Add that to your marketing plan and watch your sales go through the roof! The whole process is explained, so you can't go wrong!

There is nothing like it. I have spent 10 years and tens of thousands of dollars learning/researching and making mistakes to be able to sit here and tell you that this is "THE BEST" up to date, PUBLISHING LIBRARY ever, NO BULL.

Sure you'll see out on the Internet and in Opportunity Seeking magazines 600, 750, 1250 and even 2,000+ packaged information products that claim to give you reprint rights. But have you ever seen or heard of  over 4,700 of the best reports, books and how-to information that include complete reprint rights? Yes that's right, Over 4,700!! 

Reprint Rights


"All This sounds good, but I will need advice and training on promoting this product on a monthly basis. I want to keep up on the latest tips to advertise and promote the products contained within REPRINTS GALORE to millions for a low cost. If I purchase your product and never hear from you again, then I'm out of luck."

I agree. When you purchase this CD-ROM, you will get the Web-Site URL of a Web-Site that you will be able to go to and DOWNLOAD FREE MONEY MAKING REPORTS EVERY SINGLE MONTH with reprint rights!! If you need general tips such as places to advertise or  promotional tips, just simply visit this Web-Site that you will be given upon purchase of this CD-ROM, and you will be able to download Free Money Making Reports, every single month forever!! This is a permanent offering!! 

Reprint Rights


Just imagine the possibilities and INSTANT SUCCESS in selling the reprint rights to all the products in all the different categories contained within this CD-ROM worldwide with minimal start-up costs. You will be AMAZED at the quality of information packed into over 35 different categories of reports, how-to information, books, manuals, letters, rare recipes and guides. Here are just a few examples of what you will obtain full reprint rights and marketing rights to sell upon purchase:
The reprint rights Web-Site  "Business In a Pocket" (All the Sales and Follow-Up Literature you will need to Start Securing Sales and filling orders now! With the amount of memory CD-ROM's provide, they make all this possible! .....) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  FREE PERSONAL WEB-SITE (Give People on the internet somewhere to go to to see and purchase your new product, giving it Worldwide Exposure!! The page is already created, simply add your contact information and upload the files and you're in business. This CD also lists a very nice free Business Web-Site Hosting service, so you can park it for free, as well as information on where to purchase a special piece of software to keep your Web-Site currently registered with over 400 search engines. .....) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  50,000,000 E-Mail Addresses (Let people on the internet know that YOU are around!! Also included is information on obtaining Winzip for unzipping these files, a special text editor to view the large text files that these E-Mail addresses are contained on within the zipped files (Over 5 Megabytes each which Windows Notepad won't handle), and where to obtain special software that will deliver these addresses much faster than a standard E-Mail Program....) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Over 600 Business Opportunities (ideal for those looking  for start-up ideas and methods to sell the reprint rights contained inside this CD......) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Over 100 Career Reports (job descriptions and prerequisites for seekers......) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Over 50 Health Reports (losing weight, stop smoking, drugs, ulcers,......) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Over 40 Publishing Reports (starting a newsletter, writing a book,......) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  100's of How-To Manuals (covering a wide variety of topics including THOUSANDS of dollars of free advertising......) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Over 700 Mail Order Guides (do's and dont's, free advertising, newsletters, infomercials,......) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Over 80 Multi-Level Marketing Guides (MLM survival, choosing MLM, best companies,......) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Over 190 Consumer reports (buying cars, home, helping kids, reading/math,......) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Over 700 Letters (employment, legal, wills, sales, leases,......) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Over 340 Classic Books and Stories (Snow White, Pinocchio, Huck Finn, Moby Dick, Othello, Sun Tzu, Hamlet, Time Machine,......) 
The reprint rights Web-Site  And MUCH, MUCH MORE! (Way too much to mention.) 

Reprint Rights


The reprint rights Web-Site  You obtain  reprint rights and marketing rights. With this many products on ONE CD-ROM, this is an absolutely unheard of offer. 
The reprint rights Web-Site  No up front fees, no headaches, no yearly or monthly dues, no stringent selling requirements, no application (everyone qualifies), no credit checks and no waiting period. You can start selling this information the day your new CD arrives!! 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Sell the information contained within REPRINTS GALORE however and wherever you choose. As an entrepreneur, you deserve that latitude!! 
The reprint rights Web-Site  You don't ever have to restock, because you have over 80,000 pages of information with complete reprint rights that you can Reprint and sell waiting at your fingertips. You publish on demand, no stock, no warehousing. 
The reprint rights Web-Site  You can sell the reprint rights as a second job on a card table. 
The reprint rights Web-Site  You profit from DAY ONE!! If the computer is turned on, you're on. 
The reprint rights Web-Site  No competition, this product is UNIQUE, nothing like it 
The reprint rights Web-Site  A special incentive to become a Distributor of this CD-ROM upon purchase. You can assist the developer of this CD-ROM in distributing the reprint rights to REPRINTS GALORE worldwide!! This CD-ROM also comes WITH A CUSTOM WEB-SITE THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE THIS ONE tailored JUST FOR YOU that you can upload to your server in five minutes. With this TURNKEY WEB-SITE, You can be in business on the internet in one half hour!! There's even FREE Business Hosting service information included inside this CD-ROM, so IT WON'T COST YOU A PENNY to set-up your new Web-Site and start selling your new reprint rights CD-ROM immediately! EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR YOU!!! 
The reprint rights Web-Site  Monthly Download support for Dealers. This opportunity is  NOT OFFERED ANYWHERE ELSE!!  This means that you receive information monthly for free that the developer of this CD-ROM pays for from different sources, as well as personal tips that he gains from experience in the monthly download. Brand new free and low-cost advertising sources are always included each month. 
The reprint rights Web-Site  E-Mail support as long as you need to SUCCEED PLUS heaps of special bonus reprint rights included in REPRINTS GALORE in the Business, Mail Order and MLM sections to insure your smooth sailing and easy distribution. 

Reprint Rights


You have got to admit that what we are offering is pretty  UNIQUE and a great opportunity to start a home based business selling the hottest product on the internet today; Information in the form of reprint rights. NOW what can be fairer than that? Now it's time, let me reveal to you, our secret weapon...... 

Reprint Rights


Here's where it starts to get The reprint rights Web-Site

W hy do you ask, am I virtually giving you the reprint rights to this amazing, REPRINTS GALORE CD-ROM? Because I'm so convinced you're going to flip when you see it in motion, that you will recommend it to hundreds of other customers wanting to start their own information business selling reprint rights from home.

You can sell the reprint rights to each individual item contained within REPRINTS GALORE for as much as you like, anyway you like. This means that you get to keep ALL THE PROFITS!!  As a REPRINTS GALORE customer, I feel you deserve that latitude and shouldn't be bound by limitations of any type except your own. We want to make every effort to make sure that you are satisfied with your order item.

Imagine placing an ad in the paper and getting 200 or more orders or responses to your Direct Mailings! Imagine breaking the information contained within REPRINTS GALORE up into appealing packages of informational reports and getting 200 orders for each category of reports you offered via newspaper, Opportunity Magazines, etc.. For the Direct Mailer, Entrepreneur, Opportunity Seeker and Internet Marketer, I've made this as turnkey and as simple as it gets!! Selling information in the form of reprint rights is something that will never fade. People will always need information.

It's now easier than ever to make a fortune with reprint rights in direct marketing with e-mail, the internet, web-pages, CompuServe, voicemail, fax-on-demand, etc.

Now is the time to jump on the digital bandwagon and obtain the reprint rights and marketing rights to over 4,700 products on one single CD-ROM. Start using the material in the hottest Personal Publishing CD-ROM available today! Besides, Mother said so and Mom knows best! 
Believe me, everybody and their brother will want this fabulous hot reprint rights CD-ROM because they will recognize the EXTREME VALUE immediately, especially once they start adding up everything that's included inside this awesome CD!

And remember, I've got one or more of these g l e a m i n g  CD-s reserved just for you... PRACTICALLY FREE! Each CD-ROM is a "work of art" that would impress Picasso himself! 

I know of one company selling a CD-ROM with only 750 books and reports with reprint rights for $1,000. And guess what?  They're selling them by the truckload! This CD-ROM gives you 100 times MORE systems, books, manuals, guides, reprint rights and sources.

PURCHASE NOW so you too can experience the excitement of having the reprint rights to all of this fascinating information, right at your fingertips. 

The reprint rights Web-Site 

REAL, Legitimate Opportunities like this might only happen once in a life-time. This is a product you can retire on! You only have to purchase the reprint rights once, and you own them forever! If you don't take me up on my offer to purchase REPRINTS GALORE, please at least think about it and mention this opportunity to everyone you come in contact with. They will thank you for it, and YOU will be responsible for changing someone's financial future, and that has to make you feel good!! 

I would love to keep in contact with those of you who jumped on this bandwagon, decided to take advantage of the internet combined with direct marketing and prove to everyone that the  only limitations are the limitations that you put on yourself. As a REPRINTS GALORE Customer, I encourage you to please keep me posted from time to time. I love SUCCESS STORIES.

Reprint Rights

The reprint rights Web-Site 

"Business in a Pocket"

Each Reprints Galore CD-ROM is only $64.95 $24.95 plus ($3.95 S/H)

CD-ROM Includes Complete Reprint Rights



The reprint rights Web-Site

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